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DreamTime: A new drug that promises lucid dreaming for everyone. But a group of users discovers their dreams are being manipulated. The line between fantasy and reality blurs as they track down who – or what – is behind the curtain.

Memory House

A Choose Your Own Adventure for adults.

You buy a large house on an old country road. It nags at your memory, but you’re not sure why… yet.

The house appears empty at first, but as you visit each room, you find the ghosts of your past have taken up residence.

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Little Miss Dangerous

High school teacher Jamie Fralick has settled into a mediocre, complacent existence. Enter Stella, a new student in his English class. Her presence inspires him to make big changes and take risks that could destroy his career, his marriage and his life.

Unveiled Love

Jane Stirling is a not-so-happy homemaker who is enthralled by her new neighbour, best-selling romance author July Worthington. July gives Jane the tools she needs to write her own stories, but perhaps she’s been too helpful. The suburb is turned upside-down when Jane’s hero comes to life.

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About Me

Elle’s stories implore you to come to the Dark Side. She lives in Nova Scotia, Canada with her husband and cranky cat.

Aperture, has been published in the 2024 edition of the Garfield Lake Review.

Elle’s short story, Contra, can be found in the second issue of Otherverse Magazine. Contra is also included in the Earth 2.0 anthology published by the Nottingham Writers' Studio.

Her flash fiction story, Wedding/Funeral, has been published in the October 2022 issue of The Airgonaut.

The Walk has been published in the first edition of Recesses.

The Locked Door won second prize in the 2022 "Why Not You?" writing contest held by Black Hole Comics & Entertainment.

A chapter of DreamTime has been published as a standalone story in the first volume of Orchid's Lantern.

Flight Risk has been posted to Spillwords' website.

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